6 Reasons Why This BioTech Stock is Red Hot

6 Reasons Why This BioTech Stock is Red Hot

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Last Update: June 20, 2018, 7:41 am


Savvy investors are always on the hunt for high-growth, high-potential stocks in the blooming biotech sector

Isodiol International Inc. (Learn more why Isodiol enjoyed a 6-month share value increase of 270% at  CSE: ISOL or OTC: ISOLF).

Isodiol is super-active in the recently re-regulated CBD (cannabidiol) marketplace.

State legislatures in California, Colorado and Washington State – among others – amended their laws to liberalize the use of (and research into) the medicinal uses of cannabidiol.

These changes, and more slated to take effect over the coming months, spurred scientists all over North America to examine how to purify the herb to remove any negative effects and retain the positive health benefits.

Isodiol leads the advancement into this new biotech sector. 

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Isodiol, through its many subsidiaries and partners, delivers health, wellness and beauty CBD-based products to eager consumers in every market.

That makes it an attractive investment option for those hungry investors looking for cutting-edge opportunities.

Several factors elevate Isodiol as a potentially beneficial investment option.


Isodiol’s entry into the $1 Trillion Global Health and Wellness Market

In December 2017, Isodiol International (CSE: ISOL OTC: ISOLF ) acquired BeTru Organics – a flagship wellness brand.

BeTru Organics provides consumers with a pain relief cream and dietary supplements. Their core product is “CanaTru” (a proprietary hemp extract.)

For skin care, there is CannaCeuticals, Isodiol’s luxury skin care product. The skin care product market alone will top $130 billion in worldwide sales by the end of next year, according to Forbes.1

These are two examples of the forward-thinking vision Isodiol has for this ever-expanding marketplace.

These are two examples of the forward-thinking vision Isodiol has for this ever-expanding marketplace.

Wellness will always be a high priority need, especially so with the ever-increasing 65+ age bracket. As the numbers of baby-boomers reach retirement age, their requirements for natural, non-addictive and natural health products only increases.

Isodiol (CSE: ISOL ,OTC: ISOLF) is expertly positioned to seize the challenges presented by this lucrative market.


Isodiol enters the $61.4 million dollar vaping market

Isodiol (CSE: ISOL,OTC: ISOLF) recently acquired Bradley’s Bioscience, an established manufacturer of hemp oil and nicotine e-liquids operating in the US and the United Kingdom.

Mainstream vaping is on the horizon, and vaping is poised to become a $61.4 billion-dollar industry by 2025. There are currently more than 20 million vapers around the globe, with more than 43% in the US alone.2 And that number grows with almost daily updates to local laws and regulations on vaping evolve.


Isodiol is well positioned for a consumer product market that is going to be worth billions

The market for consumer products using this purified CBD could reach $2.1 billion by 2020.

Wellness products are popular across a range of markets, and demand is growing. For example:

  • A study shows promise for CBD-based pharmaceuticals to help ease the symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson’s.3

  • Athletes use CBD for pain relief and its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Consumers use the product in cosmetics, beverages, and various nutraceutical health supplements.

A study by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD finds that 55% of CBD-enhanced product users are women, and that the average consumer spend on these products by both men and women is between $20 and $80 per month.4

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Isodiol’s share price increased 270% over a recent 6-month period

In a 6-month period, Isodiol (CSE: ISOL, OTC:ISOLF) rose from $0.315 CDN to $1.16 CDN per share. That bullish performance – an increase of more than 270% – doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


If you invested in June 2017, when Isodiol was trading at $0.14 CDN a share, your investment would see an increase of more than 700% in less than one year. Learn more about Isodiol’s 700% share value in just one year at CSE: ISOL or  here OTC:ISOLF


Isodiol’s Executive Team has years of experience in building successful companies

Isodiol (CSE: ISOL, OTC:ISOLF) is backed by an executive team who have a solid track record as leaders within the CBD, consumer goods and biotech industries.

  • Chairman Aman Parmar is both a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and an established entrepreneur. He spent time as the Director of the Canadian company Vanc Pharmaceuticals.

  • CEO Marcos Agramont is a veteran of international hemp brands. He’s been the CEO of a similar business – EVR Premium Hemp Oil. He worked alongside President Troy Nihart at HempMeds PX.

  • President Troy Nihart is a serial entrepreneur. He is instrumental in the development of the CBD industry and developing some of its most recognizable brands, most notably HempMeds – another distributor of these oil products.

  • Daniel Zuckerman, their Vice President of US Sales, was the Director of Military Sales for Monster Energy – responsible for managing more than 1 million cases per year of energy drink sales.

The team has decades of experience within the CBD sector, and experience dominating consumer markets with brands like Monster.


Isodiol has a high-profile ambassador in the NFL

The company features a high-profile brand ambassador with a potential audience of millions: Marvin Washington.

A former NFL champion, he suffered from numerous concussions over his playing career, and worries about the possibility of having chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.)

He gave the company a huge platform during the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis – discussing CBD as “the antidote to the opioid crisis within NFL. Imagine what happens if the NFL chooses to embrace CBD products as their choice of treatment for CTE. The NFL needs to follow the science. I don’t want to kill football, I want to make it safe…

The NFL represents an opportunity for publicity and growth that money can’t buy. There’s a specific challenge and Isodiol offers a reliable solution.

The biggest question isn’t about the growth potential of Isodiol International Inc. (CSE: ISOL)(OTC: ISOLF)… that looks stable and promising.

The question is: How long until this opportunity is discovered by smart investors?

Another question might be, “What should you do now?”

Here are three great options:

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  2. In the US, you can find out more details on Isodiol 3-month average of more than 13 million shares traded with a click here.
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