Super-Pharm Sells CBD Products in Israel

Super-Pharm, an Israel-based pharmacy chain, has started selling cannabidiol (CBD) products at 25 branches. Breath of Life (BOL) Pharma will supply most of the CBD products sold at the pharmacy.

Previously, CBD products in Israel were only available at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center and some Tikun Olam stores in Tel Aviv. The products were also sold at a uniform cost per prescription, irrespective of the dosage. At Super-Pharm stores, the dosage will be calculated as per the need of patients.

The CBD products at Super-Pharm are priced at NIS 120-140 per 10 grams. This price is higher than what the customers are used to. However, the latest regulations allow patients to obtain CBD products only through prescriptions with a medically prescribed dosage. The companies believe that the total price would not be very different because customers will be prescribed a lower dosage according to their needs. Furthermore, the concentration of CBD and THC in the product will also affect its final price.

Currently, BOL Pharma is has reduced the price of its products by 30% to reach 90% of its consumer base.

The products available at Super-Pharm are in the form of a raw flower and CBD oil. These new products facilitate effective treatment through enhanced quality, improved shelf-life, and reproducibility. As a result, it is imperative for the pharmacists to carefully instruct the patients on the ways of consuming the products. For this reason, the pharmacists at Super-Pharm have been adequately trained to help patients in the best way possible.

Super-Pharm is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Israel. It has branches all over the nation and its stores open at flexible hours to offer convenience to customers. The company plans to expand its medical cannabis sales to 50 branches across the country.

On the other hand, BOL Pharma is gaining grounds in Israel after becoming the major supplier for Super-Pharm. The tie-up is helping the company get prominence on shelves and generate awareness for its products among doctors.


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