Vitality Genetics Pushes R&D for CBD

Canada is successfully leading the rapidly emerging cannabinoid industry. The country is now making inroads into the cannabinoid genetics research and development field. Vitality Biopharma Inc., a cannabinoid pharmaceutical firm, has recently announced the launch of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vitality Genetics Ltd. This Canadian subsidiary will support the cannabinoid-related research and development programs of the company.

The formation of this R&D subsidiary is a significant step toward unlocking the promising potential of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the only ray of hope to efficiently treat lethal neurological, inflammatory disorders, and other diseases.

In addition to this, Vitality Genetics is looking to collaborate with the leading researchers and R&D firms of the nation. These collaborations will boost the ongoing therapeutic development in cannabidiol (CBD) industry. It will also study the role of the plant and its compounds in microbiomes and human health.

The company has a firm belief that the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids have the potential to change the federal laws. It will ultimately widen up the scope of the compound. It aims to conduct its research and development in full compliance with the federal laws of the nation.

The company made headlines last year for creating a new class of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals called “cannabosides.” There are a modification of cannabinoids for target-based action in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to treat Crohn’s disease.

TNF-alpha inhibitor treatments currently control the market for Crohn’s disease. However, the market for inflammatory bowel disease treatments is vast, representing $10 billion for FDA-approved treatments per year. Thus, the sector shows immense opportunities for growth.

Cannabosides enable the company to conduct in-depth research studies for broad-spectrum treatments. They allow selective and targeted delivery of cannabinoids in the intestinal tract. They also ensure restricted entry into the bloodstream. This eliminates the chances of intoxication in the body.

Furthermore, the exclusive research and development programs on cannabinoids will help the company terminate the effects of THC to treat pain, inflammation, and other ailments effectively. In other words, the R&D subsidiary of Vitality Biopharma will ensure that Canada is one of the leaders the cannabinoid industry.


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