Pennsylvania Gives Green Signal to Cannabinoid Research

Pennsylvania, the northeastern state of the United States has approved research studies in cannabinoid segment, through which medical schools and universities can apply for research permission.

Under this development, the state will permit a maximum of eight medical schools and universities to conduct research studies on cannabinoids. As of now, the state has received an application from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, seeking approval for research studies. In addition to this, Pennsylvania is planning to accept more applications from cultivators, processors, and dispensaries as well to cater to the rising needs of the compound.

The state legalized the use of medical cannabis in the year 2016 along with the systematized position of its research studies in the law. However, the compound still falls under Schedule I of controlled substances by the federal government.

Currently, the state has 13 dispensaries with the approval certificate to sell cannabinoid-infused drugs and therapies to patients, of which nine are operational. Despite the growing need of cannabinoid in medical treatments, the state is facing shortage with only two certified medical cannabis growers.


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