Ohio Trains Workforce on CBD

Cleveland School of Cannabis, an Ohio-based career center, provides training to students on every aspect of medical cannabis. In addition to this, the school helps its students get jobs in reputed companies or greenhouses.

The students are either graduates seeking a career in the budding industry or medical professionals looking for additional information. The rapidly growing medical cannabis industry is creating the need for a trained workforce. Additionally, the legalization of medical cannabis is boosting the demand for knowledgeable budtenders. Budtenders are individuals who cater to patients at dispensaries. They provide them with suitable products based on their needs.

The school took two years to chalk out a comprehensive medical cannabis program. The program covers basic plant biology, how cannabis works in the human body, state-specific laws, and management techniques. The management techniques taught at the school can be used by growers and cultivators, extractors, and dispensary owners.

Although the school is not nationally accredited, it has a license from the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. It is expecting a license from the Medical Marijuana Control Board of Ohio soon.

The medical cannabis industry in the United States is expected to create 630,000 jobs by 2025. Therefore, preparing a pool of candidates to have a legitimate career in the industry is the need of the hour.

Currently, the school has 125 students enrolled in its program. The students are currently being trained at the school, but the school is planning to tie up with growers for hands-on training. This will also help the school increase internship opportunities for its students.

Besides this, Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University provides seminars on cannabis laws, policies, and reforms. Professor Douglas Berman offers these seminars, which are practically applicable, just like the training in Cleveland School of Cannabis.

Another player, HempStaff, offers crash courses to students on various medical cannabis products. The course educates students on what works best for different medical conditions. As of now, the company has trained approximately 3,900 students in 18 states of the nation.

The burgeoning industry is creating immense business and job opportunities. The growing base of patients in the country needs well-trained professionals to provide them with the right products. As per a report by Arcview, patients who use cannabis in Ohio will reach 10,000 this year. This number is expected to grow five times by 2019, thereby pushing the medical cannabis sales to $154 million in 2019 and $226 million in 2021.


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