New Biotech to Improve Healthcare in China

A biotech firm called Brii Biosciences aims to improve public health in China. The company is off to a robust start with a $260 million funding. It has also partnered with established names, including Alibaba Group.

It is headquartered in China and the United States, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, and Durham, North Carolina.

Investors include ARCH Venture Partners, 6 Dimensions Capital, Boyu Capital, Yunfeng Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Blue Pool Capital.

Brii Bio partnered with Ali Health, which is Alibaba’s healthcare arm. The partnership will help the companies explore disruptive technologies and optimize clinical development efforts.

Moreover, Brii Bio joined hands with Vir Biotechnology. This gives it access to exclusive rights in greater China for up to four assets in Vir’s portfolio. Vir is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has operations in Portland, Oregon, Boston, Massachusetts, and Bellinzona, Switzerland.

“China faces significant medical needs in the prevention, treatment, and cure of serious infectious diseases, yet presents challenges for pharmaceutical innovation,” said George Scangos, Vir’s chief executive officer, in a statement.

“Brii Bio combines a highly successful leadership team, clinical skills, and understanding of Chinese medical and cultural needs. We are happy to be their partner in accelerating the development of medicines for infectious diseases, not only in China, but globally,” he added.

In addition, Brii Bio signed a memorandum of understanding with WuXi AppTec and WuXi Biologics for priority access to WuXi’s research and development capabilities.

The company’s co-founder, president, and chief executive officer is Zhi Hong. He led GlaxoSmithKline’s infectious disease research for 11 years. He was also a director of Viiv Healthcare, a joint venture between GSK and Pfizer that focuses on HIV.

About Brii Biosciences

Brii Biosciences is a biotechnology company committed to improving public health in China. The company was founded in early 2018. It focuses on pushing innovation and making the latest medicines available to the Chinese public. The company aims to make more affordable, innovative medicines through partnerships and research.

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