Australia to Ease Up CBD Access

The Council of Australian Governments has recently announced a reduction in the waiting time for patients to access CBD products. The council comprises of leaders from across the nation. They have mutually decided to draft a national policy to ease up the access of CBD for patients in Australia.

With the ongoing legislative changes, Australia is all set for its largest state-of-the-art greenhouse for medical cannabis plantation. This greenhouse is an ambitious project of Solaris Nutraceutical. The company has already received a $2,500,000 grant from the Australian government. The grant is a part of the Regional Jobs Investment Program (RJIM) that is governed by the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science. The facility will be built in the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales.

Designed by its partner KUBO in the Netherlands, the greenhouse has a total footprint of 1.2 million square feet. The facility will be equipped with high-tech and ultra-efficient features. It will be environmentally friendly and cultivate medical cannabis plantation under the sun.

Besides the greenhouse, the project also includes a medical research center. Solaris has collaborated with the Southern Cross University to enhance human and animal health. They will jointly develop novel drugs and therapies for pain management and other medical conditions.

The company aims to harness the power of nature and the sun to produce and develop high-quality medical cannabis and medicines.

Furthermore, these approvals and developments from the Australian government are positive signs for the medical cannabis industry. The plant is full of health benefits and can relieve patients from pain. At present, Australian patients have to wait a few months to receive federal and state approvals to access medical cannabis.

However, the new policy will streamline the entire process through the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA). The system has been tested in New South Wales for its efficiency in approving a medical cannabis prescription. The findings showed a significant reduction in wait time from two months to two days.

Moreover, the Australian Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA) is continuously working to position the nation among the leading exporters of medical cannabis. The industry is witnessing enormous growth on the global front. As a result, more companies are moving into the rapidly emerging sector. These companies must register with TGA and get approval from the Office of Drug Control to cultivate medical cannabis in Australia. In addition to this, registration and approval are required to conduct clinical trials and develop medicinal drugs in Australia.


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