Medical Marijuana Vaporizers – Approved in Israel

Kanabo Research, a Tel-Aviv based research and development company which works hand-in-hand with the cannabis industry to innovate cutting edge medical devices has received approval from the Israel Ministry of Health for Medical Cannabis Vaporizers.

This grant made Israel the first country in the world to receive approval for a cannabis medical device to use medical cannabis extracts and formulations. The development will enable patients to administer medical cannabis treatments more effectively, consistently and accurately with proper dose and delivery methodologies.

The R&D innovator started its pre-clinical trials with its targeted formulations for sleeping disorders. The approved device – the ‘VapePod’ achieved remarkable results in the early findings as inhaling medical cannabis is much more effective than any other delivery methods.

The company is eyeing to capture $10 million of the rapidly emerging Israeli Cannabis market, which is speculated to touch $100 million in the next three years. Kanabo is also in the process of registering two patents for the formulation of cannabis for sleeping disorders and expanding the VapePod operations into North America and Europe.


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