Isodiol Partners with Kawacatoose for Yielding CBD-Derivatives

Isodiol International Inc., a leading bioactive CBD innovator has signed a partnership with Kawacatoose First Nation (KFN), a Canada-based Band from Saskatchewan to cultivate and manufacture high yielding CBD-derivatives.

Under this agreement, KFN and Isodiol will be working on a cost-plus model to make available up to 3,000 acres of farmable land along with a Co-op with the neighboring Bands of Saskatchewan. This deal will enable Isodiol to not only cultivate and manufacture high-quality CBD derivatives from hemp plants but also give a platform to explore supplementary ways to introduce hemp by-products in everyday goods. In return, KFN will offer province-wide economic benefits within Saskatchewan by making the necessary labor for farmland available.

The company is looking forward to this agreement as a benchmark step towards expanding its footprint in Canada. Isodiol will work hand-in-hand with KFN in extending expert advice and consultation on cultivation standards and methodologies to ensure consistency amongst its product-line and various brands.


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