Illinois Holds Seminar to Push CBD Awareness

Medical Cannabis Outreach, sponsored by Salveo Health and Wellness clinics is organizing seminars in Illinois. These seminars will help in raising awareness about cannabidiol. The owner of the clinic, Eric Sweatt, proposes that cannabidiol should be considered real medicine to treat patients effectively.

Currently, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States categorizes cannabis and its derivatives under Schedule I drugs. Scheduled I drugs are defined as substances or chemicals that have no medicinal value and high abuse potential.

However, the pamphlet published by the Medical Cannabis Outreach group claims cannabidiol is a highly effective drug. CBD is considered effective against 40 medical conditions. These conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and the like. Most of the patients suffering from any of these ailments ultimately replace their prescribed medications with cannabidiol.

Despite its benefits, cannabidiol is often considered the last resort. Sweatt emphasizes cannabidiol should be one of the first options available to help patients get the right treatment from the very beginning.

The United States witnesses deaths of more than 63,000 people due to drug overdoses each year, claims the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, there is no evidential proof that cannabidiol plays any role in these deaths.

Supporting the claims further, the first medical cannabis patient of United States, Tim Stallings, also shared his experience at the seminar. He talked about how he used the cannabidiol program to recover from multiple sclerosis and connective tissue disorder. When he enrolled in the program, he was underweight and facing severe sleeping issues. However, the use of cannabidiol helped him eat, sleep, and relax, thereby improving his condition. Over a period of time, he replaced 90% of his medications with cannabidiol. However, he did mention the fact that CBD does not completely eliminate pain, but it does make it easier to cope with it.

The state of Illinois has a complete procedure in place to help patients avail CBD medications and therapies. The Salveo Health and Wellness clinics work with the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program to help patients gain legal access to CBD products. The program offers access to a valid medical-cannabis card, cannabis-friendly physicians, hand-written recommendations, and advice on dosage.

Currently, the processing time for a medical cannabis card in Illinois is 90 days. However, terminal patients can get obtain it in two to three weeks.



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