Cozy Café Serves Calming Coffee

An intimate ice cream café in Silver Springs, Maryland now sells coffee infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

The café is called Moorenko’s. They now serve FlowerPower – a CBD-infused coffee brand.

The main attraction at the café is still ice cream, but the new blend of coffee attracts new customers. The owner may introduce more CBD coffee blends to the menu in the future.

CBD can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, migraines, and depression. It is a cannabis derivative with the psychoactive element tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) bred out. Customers can benefit from the calming properties of CBD without getting high.

Although CBD-infused coffee is a relatively new product, it is gaining popularity as an anxiety-busting drink. So far, drinkers report favorable results. Other CBD products such as tea and hot chocolate are also available to consumers in the marketplace. This is fantastic news for people with depression or anxiety. They now have the option to switch to natural remedies that have fewer side effects.

The state of Maryland legalized medical cannabis and decriminalized possession of small amounts of recreational cannabis.

The introduction of CBD-coffee at a café is a positive step toward the legalization of cannabis in all US states. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently proposed a bill to legalize hemp as an agricultural commodity on a federal level. More importantly, the bill aims to remove hemp from the list of controlled substances in the US. The government is likely to approve the proposal soon because it can create jobs and boost the economy.

Consequently, the CBD market is expected to grow too. The Hemp Business Journal estimated it would grow to $2.1 billion in consumer sales by 2020. They expect $450 million of these sales to come from hemp-derived CBD.

And maybe we can expect to see more baristas add CBD-coffee and tea to their menus.


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