CBD-Oil Finds its Place on the Menu

With a research fraternity, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking for ways to innovate safe and efficacious therapies with CBD-oil, the ingredient has already found its place on the menu of many restaurants  and bars around the globe.

Many restaurants and bars in California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and other locations have been serving CBD oil-infused beverages and cuisines. The proven qualities of the cannabidiol component of medical cannabis make it lucrative to grow with the benefits of the plant.

However, the federal law of the state keeps a close check on the commercialization of cannabinoids. Restaurants can serve only legal CBD oil-infused food and beverages with 0.3 percent or less amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive component of medical cannabis for causing ‘a high’ in humans as well as animals.

Research studies have proven the fact that cannabidiol is effective in treating medical conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, multiple sclerosis and so on.


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