Cannabis Producers Shift Focus from Retail to Medical

The legalization of cannabis production and manufacturing is pushing the boundaries for cannabis producers around the world, pushing producers to go beyond the dried bud to capitalize on medical cannabis.

Cannabis, which is known around the world as marijuana, has strong medicinal properties. The second largest ingredient of the plant are cannabinoids, which are a non-psychoactive in nature and encompass therapeutic values which aid in the treatment of a wide array of ailments such as pain, inflammation, cancer, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and so on.

With the development of legalizing of cannabis production and manufacturing, companies in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare are eyeing on capturing a fair share of this lucrative market. Being highly unexplored with a great scope for research and development, the well-established players are all geared up to fund the research studies to develop innovative CBD infused drugs, formulations and drug delivery methodologies & mechanisms.

This advancement is fueled by the research studies conducted on the medicinal properties of cannabis to prove its effectiveness against a number of ailments. The studies showed its effective and positive results on patients improving their quality of life. Increasing demand for cannabis in Canada, California, Massachusetts and so on is fueling the industry to thrive profusely in the coming years.


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