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Isodiol International Inc.

Isodiol International Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture, distribution and sales of pharmaceutical-grade phytochemical compounds and cannabidiol (CBD) consumer products.

What exactly does that mean to an investor? It means innovation meets need.

Three events occurred recently – over the last ten years – that led to the creation and success of Isodiol.

First, governments around the world eased restrictions on the research and use of hemp for medicinal and topical uses. Second, laboratories around the world started to study how to turn hemp-based CBD – without any of the intoxicating THC compound – into effective healthy products consumers can easily access. The scientific community uncovered a long list of illnesses and conditions with symptoms CBD oil eased. Finally, consumers around the globe generated ever-growing demand for these all-natural health and beauty products.

To take advantage of these events, Isodiol makes and sells 99%+ pure CBD from organic industrial hemp. Isodiol also pioneered the use of micro-encapsulation in skin-care products. It was also one of the first companies to use nanotechnology in cannabinoids to increase effectiveness. Isodiol uses non-GMO and THC-free ingredients in all its products.


What Does Isodiol Do?

Isodiol International (CSE: ISOL; OTC: ISOLF) is the gold standard in the manufacture and marketing of cannabinoid derivatives.

As a global CBD innovator, Isodiol includes a wide range of consumable items in its product index. These include raw ingredients, pharmaceutical and consumer products.

Raw ingredients: CBD powder extracts (called isolate), oils, and concentrates. The target markets for these include distributors, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and retail outlets.

Pharmaceutical products: Isodiol manufactures powerful topical and over-the-counter medications in tinctures, balms, mists, and capsules.

Consumer products: Isodiol owns a family of brands sold online and at retail locations. The brands include:

  • Iso-Sport: Revolutionary hemp and CBD-based fitness products to help athletes combat pain. These products come in gels, oils, creams, and capsules.
  • Pot-O-Coffee: Coffee infused with pure CBD extract to relax the mind. The brand also creates tea and hot chocolate infused with CBD.
  • CannaCeuticals: Luxury skin-care products that use microencapsulated CBD to repair and rejuvenate skin. The product line includes creams, cleansers, and masks.
  • BeTru Organics: Relaxing hemp-based wellness products to support the body, mind, and soul. These include sprays, creams, and supplementary chews.
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Who runs Isodiol?

The Isodiol Management team combines some of the most experienced and able professionals with many years involvement in both the CBD and consumer product worlds.

The Chairman of Isodiol International Inc. is Aman Parmar, one of the bright stars in the “best under 35-year-olds executive club.”

Aman has worn many corporate hats in his young life, in addition to his current role at CEO of Isodiol including:

  • General Manager of Haraman Development Inc
  • Chief Financial Officer of Vanc Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Chief Financial Officer of a Vancouver based real estate development company focused on multi-family housing
  • Director at Canadian Zeolite Corp  
  • Director of Upper Canyon Minerals Corp 

Aman has extensive experience in capital markets and involvement in corporate restructuring and financing for both public and private companies, plus significant experience in developing international manufacturing and distribution channels.

His vision of the future of the CBD-based product industry (and Isodiol specifically)  can be summed up as, “As we move forward and develop as an organization, I’m very excited to be a part of this immense opportunity. Isodiol is in a position to become a global leader in the health, wellness and beauty product industry in the very near future.” 

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Known as a motivated and detail-oriented individual, CEO Marcos Agramont has exceptional experience and ability in the management of workflow and personnel.

Marcos grew up with a love for baseball. That spawned in him the ability to create team for different departments with various companies, such as Coca-Cola,

Gourmet Boutique a co-packer of meal replacement exclusive for Safeway Groceries and notably IsodiolMarcos’ work ethic is unparalleled among the leadership at Isodiol and resonates  within the team he developed.

His experience includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Isodiol International Inc.
  • Chief Operation Officer, EVR Premium Hemp Oil
  • Operations Manager, Hemp Meds PX

As you can see, Marcos delivers a unique combination of classic consumer products and cutting-edge CBD-based products.

Troy Nihart, President, is a dynamic and pivotal serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of business development, sales and public company experience. For more than five years, Troy’s focus is on the development of the CBD industry and the development of some of the most recognizable brands in the CBD industry.

His resume highlights include:

  • President, Isodiol International Inc.
  • Co-Founder, Kannaway Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur for more than 18 years


Why Invest in Isodiol?

Several factors make Isodiol International a prime opportunity for investors.

  • Ever-increasing sales revenue : In a financial statement released recently, YTY sales growth increased by a whopping 2,120%.
  • Global demand for CBD products : The worldwide market for CBD-based health, wellness and beauty products recently topped $1 Trillion Dollars. And that figure is expected to jump dramatically as more and more jurisdictions open their doors to CBD-based research and products.
  • Isodiol share values soaring : In a recent 6-month period, Isodiol International shares (CSE: ISOL,OTC ISOLF) increased more than 270%.
  • Investors love Isodiol : People who invest in Isodiol are happy to sign the praises of the company and their investments.


Action Options

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