Marvin Washington Promotes Safer Alternative to Opioids

Super Bowl champ, Marvin Washington, has recently been raving about cannabidiol (CBD) products that have the potential to replace opioids to treat pain. Washington himself suffered from the problems associated with opioids during his career and is confident that CBD-infused medications are the safest alternative.

First things first, what are CBD products? And how can they help relieve pain? CBD products are derived from hemp; they have all the healing properties of cannabis without its main drawback: intoxication. Biotechnology has helped create CBD products in the form of gels, balms, and capsules that can soothe pain from sports injuries. Biotech companies have developed products that not only provide the pain-alleviating benefits of cannabis but also combine it with other herbs to create super blends that athletes are loving for their efficacy.

Now, let’s compare this with opioids that have been used to treat pain for years. Are they really the best option? Opioid overdoses killed more than 42,000 people in the United States (US) in 2016. What’s more alarming is that around 40% of these deaths were from prescription painkillers. The biggest problem with opioids is that they are addictive and getting rid of this addiction can be a lifelong battle for athletes because once their bodies become dependent on a certain prescription, they need a higher concentration for it to be effective again.

The fact that The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recently removed hemp-derived CBD from its list of prohibited substances is a strong indicator that more changes regarding cannabis are on their way. Washington has also been in touch with The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) regarding the use of CBD to treat pain and he has reported a positive response from them so far.

While CBD products have immense potential to transform the sports industry, they can also help on a grander scale by tackling the current opioid crisis in the United States (US). The government recently toughened its stance on opioids since the number of deaths from their overuse is increasing every year. Since a fraction of these deaths is caused by prescription opioids, the inclusion of CBD drugs to treat pain can reduce these numbers and solve one of the major problems hitting the US right now.

Washington is not the only athlete who has used CBD products and is all praise for them. Chris Fishgold, Molly Mccann, and David Clark are also ardent supporters of CBD-infused products and are confident that the science behind these products will change the way we look at prescription painkillers.


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