CBD Use Increasing Among Athletes

Cannabidiol is emerging as a promising substitute treatment for medical conditions like anxiety, pain, depression, and opioid addiction. Many football players like Cullen Jenkins, Ricky Williams, Eugene Monroe, Derrick Morgan, Nate Diaz, Al Harrington, Cliff Robinson, and Ricky Barry have been advocating CBD and its benefits.

Cullen Jenkins, former American football defensive tackle, was introduced to CBD oil as a nutritional supplement by his wife. The player was under depression because Washington did not select him in 2016. He confessed to an SBNation correspondent that he was dependent on alcohol and pills to sleep and relieve pain. CBD helped him break out of that vicious circle. It calmed down his nerves to fight depression and reduce anxiety.

Although the compound does not cause a high, it is still not permitted in the United States under the federal law. The cannabis plant and its derived products fall under Schedule I drugs. In other words, cannabis-based products are a controlled substance in the US. Despite this, the industry is emerging strong with a value of $9.7 billion in North America. Moreover, the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol have been studied and proven by various researchers. The industry is enjoying strong support from patients who have used CBD and benefited from its medicinal properties. Well established names from the football industry are leading this list.

Ricky Williams, former American football running back, is one of the first people to bring the use of medical cannabis to the limelight. He was suspended a number of times for testing positive for cannabis. But he made a comeback and proved to the world how medical cannabis has helped him treat his social anxiety disorder. The player now runs a weed gym and owns a medical cannabis product line.

Despite the benefits of medical cannabis, NFL’s drug policy does not favor the plant. Medical cannabis is still one of the eight banned drugs under the NFL program. NFL’s stance is an exact replica of DEA’s classification of drugs, which has refused to make any changes, despite the new laws.

However, this has not stopped Eugene Monroe from actively advocating medical cannabis and its therapeutic benefits for pain. Monroe is a former American football offensive tackle. He started using CBD oil to treat pain in 2016. Even Derrick Morgan, Titans outside linebacker, has been supporting medical cannabis since 2016. He is well researched and ready to extend his support for a compound that is beneficial for the health and safety of players.

These athletes are the real ambassadors of the rapidly emerging CBD industry and American culture according to the CEO of The Archaic Group, Troy Dayton. As per the story Athletes Are Leading Cannabis into the Mainstream published on SBNation, Dayton expects the medical cannabis industry to touch $24 billion by 2021.


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