Kickback Launches CBD-Infused Cold Brew Teas

Kickback Cold Brew, an emerging cannabidiol-based beverage company, has launched a new line of cold brew teas. These new products are available online, and the company is also distributing them in Southern California markets.

The company zeroed in on two flavors after diligently experimenting with several organic teas. These flavors were given unique names as well: Match’cha and Just Peachy. Match’cha is a matcha-based drink with almond milk, cannabidiol, and monk-fruit sweetener. Just Peachy is a black tea infused with peach, ginger, and honey.

These new products are cold brewed and mildly sweetened. They follow the same suit as the original Kickback cold brew coffees. They include organic and single-origin vegan ingredients with organically extracted cannabidiol.

Besides this, the company also introduced a new coffee flavor under the name “Coffee Date.” This beverage is made with their signature cold brew coffee, coconut milk, and Tunisian date syrup.

Recently, Kickback has undergone a rebranding process, wherein it renamed its original coffee flavors. The Los Angeles-based company also explored different variants of cannabidiol that can be used for its beverage line. Initially, the company started with CBD oil. But now, it is using water-soluble cannabidiol in its drinks.

Cannabidiol oil is used to reduce stress and tension. It is a non-psychoactive component of medical cannabis known for its therapeutic benefits. For this reason, a number of companies have started using it to create novel products. Moreover, the miscible properties of water-soluble cannabidiol has not only widened up its scope but also its benefits.

Kickback is a pioneer in utilizing organically extracted cannabidiol in its beverages. Currently, the company is selling its unique beverages in retail stores as well as online.

Cannabidiol is taking the global food and beverage industry by storm. As per a market report by Brightfield Group, the CBD-infused food and beverage sector in the US is expected to become a $1 billion industry by 2020. Similarly, Forbes Magazine speculated a 700% increase in the cannabis market. With consumer-driven sales increasing rapidly, the market is estimated to grow to $2.1 billion in the next two years.



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