Idaho Fest Promotes CBD

Arlene Falcon organized the Hemp Fest in the East City Park of Moscow, Idaho on April 21. The festival is held every year to promote the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Falcon is a businesswoman from New York who owns a store called Tye Dye Everything in Moscow. The store sells tie-dye clothing for all age groups, bumper stickers, and hemp-based products. She has been organizing the Hemp Fest for over a decade now.

Previously, the event was organized by the students of the University of Idaho. However, Falcon took over when the students lost interest over a period of time.

The event is a good advocacy platform to create awareness around CBD and its therapeutic benefits. People have stigmatized cannabis because it contains the high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, many biotech companies have been able to derive CBD from hemp, which contains meager amounts of THC. A number of researchers have studied the compound as a treatment for various medical conditions and yielded positive results.

Cannabis and its derivatives are still prohibited in many countries due to the presence of THC. Idaho is one of the states that does not allow the use of cannabis in any form. It is Falcon’s mission to educate the public about the medicinal benefits of CBD.

Moreover, the Hemp Fest has gained support from around the US, especially Boise. The supporters have also filed a petition to Idaho legislators to legalize CBD for medicinal purposes. The event openly supports and advocates the therapeutic use of medical cannabis to push the compound to gain acceptance. However, the event’s main goal is to generate awareness about CBD and its benefits.

The festival strictly prohibits smoking and selling of cannabis in any form. The police worked along with the organizers to ensure the implementation of the regulations.

Entry to the Hemp Fest was free. The event offered a number of attractive opportunities and activities for learning and entertainment.


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